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Nestled at the foothills of the Appalachian Blue Mountains of Eastern Pennsylvania, lies the small town of Alburtis. In this town is a park and bandshell, owned and operated by the Alburtis Fire Co #1 (volunteer), that has been the host of Country Music Shows since 1925 – That’s BINGO, FREE country music and home cooking for those who don’t know us.

Sometime after the Civil War a group of veterans and other citizens began to play music in Alburtis. They eventually constructed a building and played inside on a stage for the residents. They called themselves the ‘Alburtis Band’. In 1925 they began playing in their ‘new’ bandshell and have continued through World Wars, times of prosperity and even through the depression the music continued. Alburtis Park has kept its tradition going through Big Band, Rock, Disco and Pop Music Fads ... some call our style “Old School Country”. The heart music of America, the kind we used to see at Nashville.

With FREE admission and parking, the Park has been supported by its members, volunteers and patrons, through donations and fundraisers. In the past we’ve hosted many great performers who came to play here, many of them without charge:

Roy Acuff
Roy Rogers
Dale Evans
Sally Star
Tex Ritter
Gene Autry
Chief Halftown
Darryl Wade Worley
Rex Trailer
Earl Keller
Grandpa Jones
Fran Allum
Little Jiggers
Cressman Family
Meryl Becker
Pop Joe
Crazy Willy

However, modern-day Country Music is big business and Alburtis Park doesn’t see the ‘big’ names in Country anymore … we can’t afford them.

Historic Alburtis Park is a great place to start or advance your career and today local and regional musicians are our main stay. We draw in fans from across New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania and many bands have started here over the years only to outgrow our ‘classic country’ and go on to greater careers. Today our visitors continue to come each summer weekend but many of the older music lovers are passing on.

There is real danger of having to close the Park after being in business for 93 years.

We would like to put Alburtis Park back on the map. So, we are reaching out to our Country Music Family to help us continue our programs and expose our activities to a larger audience. We are asking for your help.

  • Are you willing to donate a full performance or even a cameo appearance in an up-close audience like it was in days gone by?
       We have on-site professional sound equipment, amps and drums for your use.

  • Could you donate promotional items such as T-shirts, DVDs, etc. for Benefit Raffles.

  • Cash donations are rarely refused ….

All donations are tax deductible 501 (C)3

The Grand Ole Opry and Alburtis Park have things in common, both started in 1925 and support Country Music. Help keep the Alburtis Park going so the next generations can enjoy the
Free, Old School Country Music experience.

328 South Main St. Alburtis Pa 18011
eMail: CountryMusic@AlburtisPark.net
phone: John Havassy @ (610) 463 – 7725
WebSite: http://www.AlburtisPark.net

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